Mookie The Beagle™ is always here for you! 

Mookie The Beagle is here to make your life brighter.


Mookie is always here for you. When life looks bleak and grey with your friends nowhere to be seen, Mookie is here for you. When you feel like sharing your latest success (but don't want to feel like bragging) Mookie is here for you. 

Mookie's mission is to make you laugh when you think that's not possible. To nudge you to keep persevering when you are about to give up. To always let you know that there is at least one beagle in this world who cares about you!

Mookie The Beagle is here to make your life brighter!

Mookie, adorable and sometimes annoying, he’s the love of my life
— Anonymous


Mookie The Beagle, your College Coach!  

I may be just a Beagle, but I notice how stressful College can be.

So remember to come back and visit me often. I'm always here for you!  

❤️ Mookie The Beagle

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Focusing on pesky, prickly accounting topics so you can Study Smarter and Sleep More! 😴

As a Beagle, I understand the importance of naps. 

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