Mookie The Beagle™ is here to make your life brighter.


HIS Mission

Mookie is always here for you. When life looks bleak and grey with your friends nowhere to be seen, Mookie is here for you. When you feel like sharing your latest success (but don't want to feel like bragging) Mookie is here for you. 

Mookie's mission is to make you laugh when you think that's not possible. To nudge you to keep persevering when you are about to give up. To always let you know that there is at least one beagle in this world who cares about you!

Mookie The Beagle is here to make your life brighter!

  • Mookie serves as your QuickBooks coach, providing canine encouragement when you become discouraged. Cheering you on when you excel. 
  • Mookie writes Mookie tips for your college accounting courses.
  • Mookie The Beagle Debits & Credits in A SNAP! to support you in passing your accounting classes.
  • Mookie the Beagle Smart Choices gives you a Mookie Guide for making smarter choices in college, in business, and in life.
  • Mookie the Beagle Spot a Fraudster gives you tips on outsmarting anyone trying to take advantage.